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Camp America isn’t just a place parents drop their children off for the day. It is their home away from home. 

We make it our mission to make campers feel comfortable and welcomed into a community that respects and supports one another. What makes camp a meaningful experience is when your child is able to confidently and fearlessly explore their limits and conquer challenges. Our experienced leadership staff and trained counselors put all of their energy into building a culture of inclusiveness. 

In our corner of Bucks County, we pride ourselves on being a family. Over 50+ years, the Camp America family has grown exponentially. Those who were campers in the 70s, now have children who attend and work at camp. Talk about a legacy! Our goal for your children is to feel like they are a part of something bigger than just a day camp; they are part of a forever family. 

Get ready to welcome your child home at the end of each day and notice, quite visibly, that they’re walking taller and feeling loved.

Come visit us soon! 


Programs & Activities

Athletics Program

On our grounds we have:

  • 2 Full Size Soccer fields
  • Indoor Soccer Pavilion
  • Full Size Basketball Court with Two Half Court Areas
  • 4 Tennis Courts and 2 Practice Courts
  • Tetherball Town 
  • 6 Pickleball Courts
  • Quickball
  • Professionally Installed Softball Fields (full size & small size)
  • 2 Grass Softball Fields
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • 4 Volleyball & Newcombe Courts
  • Indoor Street Hockey Pavilion
  • 2 Covered Gaga Courts

Our extensive athletics program provides a rich experience for children of all skill sets. Campers are encouraged to participate in various activities whether they are experienced in the sport or just starting out! We find creative ways to make sure that every camper is comfortable with participating as we provide opportunities for leadership, organization, and score keeping. There are also optional activities such as speed training and basketball clinic. Children learn new skills, teamwork, and sports rules while having a great time playing, competing and laughing.

Challenge / Team Building

At Challenge, we offer a wide array of climbing elements which are designed to push our campers both mentally and physically. For campers ages 5 to 8, we offer low elements as well as other team-building activities where the entire bunk works together as a single unit. For campers ages 9 through 15, we offer more challenging high elements. The difficulty progresses from week to week. While climbing on such elements, campers are harnessed in and belayed by our highly qualified challenge staff. Whether climbing the rock wall tower, zipping across the lake, or reaching the top of the vertical playpen, our campers are constantly engaged and encouraged to do their best. Challenge is a fan favorite with all campers and staff year after year!

  • 35ft Multi-sided Rock Climbing Wall
  • Cargo Net
  • Vertical Playpen
  • Aerial Adventure Course for children ages 9 and up
  • Dual and Singular Zip lines
  • American Ninja Warrior Course
  • 6 Element Low Ropes Course
  • Low Ropes Challenge Circuit & Zip Line for children ages 5-8

Instructional Swim Program

We take great pride in our swimming program. We don’t just “teach your kids to swim” – we teach them everything they need to know to be successful in the water. Every camper’s schedule includes both an instructional swim period and a recreational swim period daily. Our Red Cross certified swim instructors and lifeguards will guide and challenge swimmers of every ability as they advance their strokes and skills each day.

Within a supportive environment, campers of all abilities are challenged to improve. Campers are split into small teaching groups with campers their age who are working on the same skills. Instructors stay with the same group every day, and ratios are typically 1:5 or better for our early learners and slightly larger for campers as they advance. Every summer the majority of Camp America campers pass the deep water test to use our diving board and water slides.

Camp Americas swim program is built around skill progression and levels of the American Red Cross “learn to swim” program. We issue progress cards midway through the summer and at the end of the summer.

  • 3 Solar Power heated pools ranging in 3ft-10ft in depth
  • A Brand New Zero-Entry to 10ft Luxury Pool
  • 2 Water Slides
  • 2 Diving Boards

Creative Arts Program

Each camper has the opportunity to create and design different age specific projects throughout the summer. Those who participate in Creative Art electives will have the ability to create projects with a higher level of difficulty where they will be taught different skills. We provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere where each child’s creativity can shine.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Pottery & Ceramics
  • Glass Fusion
  • Fully-Equipped Wood Shop

Performing Arts Program

Campers in the Performing Arts program learn essential skills for the stage. Working in groups, improvisation and creative activities help young performers learn to bring their characters to life. Campers are also exposed to performance concepts such as dialogue, blocking and more. The summer concludes with the Camp America Show, in which performers who choose this elective get to showcase their talent. Previous shows include: The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and more!

Another part of this program is Gymnastics. Our goal is to teach our campers basic gymnastics skills in a fun and safe environment. We teach basic skills and play games that help the campers improve their balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. Again, campers also have the ability to choose this area as their electives resulting in more in depth skills and training.

  • Pavilion and Stage for camp shows and dances
  • Puppets
  • Air Conditioned Dance Studio
  • Drama
  • Gymnastics

Traditional Camp Program

We are proud of our traditional camp activities, most of which are what we originally built camp upon all 50+ years ago. From Go Karts to Cooking and everything in between, these activities give campers the chance to try things they may not normally have the opportunity to. Each activity has age specific equipment, projects and games to ensure that there is always something new going on.

  • Cooking
  • Fantasy Zone (Indoor Ball Pit, Tunnels, Slides, and Play Areas)
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • Ponies – learn to ride basics
  • Go-Karts
  • Bikes, Big Wheels, and “Razor” Scooters
  • Nature and Science
  • Mini Golf
  • Video Gaming Lounge
  • Archery (Undefeated Archery Team)
  • Boating (which facilitates kayaking and pedal boats)
  • Fishing in our fully stocked lake with the new fishing dock

Division 1

Pre School Camp – Ages 2 ½ through 5

Our Preschool bunkhouse (renovated in 2017), included an air conditioning system for our youngest campers so they can beat the heat!

Despite their age and size, our youngest campers experience almost all of the same activities as any other group here at camp. We’re always delighted to discover that many of our youngest campers are also some of our most energetic and enthusiastic.

On a typical day, you can expect your preschool camper to…

  • Create art projects
  • Somersault on the gymnastics mats
  • Make delicious treats at cooking
  • Play age-appropriate versions of kickball, soccer or tennis

Our youngest swimmers are involved in our instructional swim program, allowing your child to be safe around pools and build a foundation for learning the basics of swimming. We’ve never seen bigger smiles than when our little ones jump off the diving board at camp for the first time and swim confidently to the side of the pool. It’s a big accomplishment and one of those moments we love to cherish with your child. 

Division 2

Junior Camp – Ages 6 through 8

This is an exciting age for campers because there are more opportunities for growth to explore camp and learn new skills. More specifically, your child will be a part of “The Village” or “The Grove” with our other Division 2 and 3 campers to build community while learning new independence. Some of the new challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Climbing on our low ropes course and rockwall
  • Learning how to swim confidently under the instruction of our Red Cross certified lifeguards
  • Working with their hands and constructing basic projects in activities such as Wood Shop

No matter the activity, our aim is to help campers stretch themselves and reach new heights in as many different ways as possible. To add to this, campers participate in our Division 2 Kickball League. Teams are coed and are made up of a mix of campers under the guidance of one Senior Counselor/Coach. Campers are encouraged to work together with a new set of peers, helping them have a greater understanding of teamwork as well as the value in good sportsmanship. 

Division 2 campers also get the option to choose a different elective each week. We love it when campers spread their wings and find an activity they can excel in and do something they normally wouldn’t have tried. During electives, they are grouped with other campers of different ages in their division. This allows them to build connections and make friends with other campers in other bunks. 

Division 3 girls.

Division 3

Senior Camp – Ages 9 through 12

As senior campers, your child has many perks and privileges to look forward to. Each activity has something new to offer your campers. Their creative projects take on a new sophistication as campers experiment with various media including glazed and fired clay in the ceramic studio. Not to mention, those in Division 3 can drive our Go-Karts around our paved racetrack. Even Division 3 Leagues are a step up. Division 3 Villagers play as teams in soccer, basketball and hockey while “The Grovers” participate in Newcombe Leagues each week.

All Division 3 campers get to experience the most highly anticipated night each summer… the Overnighter! During the summer, campers get to experience all of the traditional activities you’d expect: gather around a campfire, eat s’mores, sleep under the stars and lots more!

Division 3 campers also choose from a list of various activities each week to participate in electives. This allows your child to focus and concentrate on their efforts to learn more of a sport, craft or activity. Electives also allow campers to meet and make new friends in other bunks as well!

The CIT Program

(Counselor in Training)

Ages 13 through 15

As the name suggests, this program is a transitional period where CITs begin to take on new leadership roles within camp. During half of the day, they have a normal camp day with their bunk mates and the other half of the day they are apprenticing with different counselors around camp.

CITs have 2 counselors (one per village) who are carefully chosen because of their ability to help guide CITs along their leadership journey. It’s a natural progression for them as they get to experience a whole different side of camp than they are used to. They get to pair up with specialists, bunk counselors, or both. In these new roles, CITs gain valuable insights into their own preferred styles of leadership. There’s no doubt that these lessons take time to learn, which is why our CIT program is two-three years long. By the end of the summer, CITs take it to heart that the best way to lead is to deeply care for the well-being of others. Of course, we help facilitate this process by pairing CITs with counselors they both get along with and look up to- it’s a dynamic and effective combo.

playing sports
large group trip

Rewarding Trips

As CITs take on more responsibilities within camp we think it’s only fair to reward them with a few special trips. Trip options include but are not limited to:

  • Full-day in Dorney Park
  • Broadway trip in NYC
  • Tubing down the Delaware
  • CIT Overnighter at camp
  • Day trip to the shore
  • Phillies Game
  • Roller Skating, Bowling or Escape Room

*All trips are subject to change based on weather and availability

At the end of season, we have a special brunch and ceremony to honor the commitment of our graduating CITs. What’s more, we’re happy to welcome back almost all of our CIT grads as staff members the following summer.

STARS Program

Ages 7 through 12

If you’re looking to find a balance between traditional camp and a stimulating classroom environment then you’ll want to look into our STARS Program.

It’s the best of both worlds for children who are enthusiastic about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). Campers spend their mornings engaged in intellectually challenging workshops and their afternoons participating in activities all around camp.

Morning Workshops

These sessions are designed with your child’s insatiable curiosity in mind. Each workshop is taught by a professional in their field who can effectively guide your child through the subtleties of chess, robotics, computers, rocketry, and more!

Each week, programs vary. Workshops may Include:

  • Game Theory
  • Rocket
  • Building various objects
  • Coding
  • The Camp America Reporter
camper building

Afternoon Fun

Unlike other STEAM summer camps, we are able to offer an outstanding afternoon because we’ve been providing quality programming for the past five decades.

In the afternoon, campers will travel as a bunk following a schedule that includes swim, sports, drama, and performance arts. Your camper will be exposed to a wide variety of activities, socialization, and fun in our beautiful country setting.

Field Trips

Well planned trips to interesting local attractions are an integral part of the STARS program. These excursions will reflect your campers’ interests and act as a natural extension of workshop selections. Previous trips have included stops at the Helicopter Museum, Camel Beach, The Turkey Hill Experience, The Crayola Factory, The Franklin Institute and so much more!


We want to make sure the STARS program is the right fit for your child. Therefore, we require one letter of recommendation for your child to gain entry into our STARS program. A letter of recommendation may come from your child’s school district or another qualified professional who can identify your child as gifted/talented.

Additionally, as a part of the application process, you and your child will need to schedule an interview with our Program Coordinator.


We are happy to offer hassle-free Door-to-Door Transportation

Your child is guaranteed to be driven by a camp staff member who is properly trained on safety guidelines and car seat knowledge, arrives at camp and home on time, and ensures the safety of your child. These car rides aren’t just about making it easy for you, it is another experience for your child. These rides are as lively and full of fun as any other moment at camp. You can usually hear a whole van of campers cheerfully singing as they come into camp in the morning. Thus, the camp day truly begins the moment your child leaves your house and it ends when they return home each afternoon.

Areas We Service

Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia. Our stops include, but are not limited to: Warrington, North Wales, Upper Dublin, Hatboro-Horsham, Abington, Lafayette Hill, Huntingdon Valley, Doylestown, Lansdale, Jamison, Perkasie, and Blue Bell. If you are unsure if we provide transportation to your area, please give us a call to discuss options. 

Extended Hours Program 

(7:30 – 9:00 AM & 4:30 – 6:00 PM)

Those who drop off and pick up their children outside of normal camp hours may choose to participate in our Extended Hours Program. 

We have several staff members who facilitate various activities during this time. Activities include: Swimming, Fantasy zone or Gaga. Additionally, we provide a small snack for any camper who’d like one. This is perfect for those camper’s who say at the end of the day “just a little bit longer!”

For more information regarding Extended Hours please contact our office.

Lunch & Snack Time

Lunch is a special time of day at Camp America where campers gather to eat with friends and talk about their day. Campers sit together at meals as a bunk and are served by their counselors. If you were to walk into the dining hall during lunch you’d find it abuzz with chewing, giggles, and laughter. We provide every camper with a lunch they’ll love. On any given day, we offer a variety of menu items so even the pickiest of eaters will be pleased with our meals. Simple options like cheese or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are always available. There is also fresh fruit at every lunch in addition to a salad bar for our vegetable-minded eaters.


Food Allergies

If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities to gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish or any others, then we have you covered. Our kitchen staff prepares substitute menu items that are in strict accordance with food safety and sanitation standards. Our camp counselors are also well-coached in this matter to make sure that each meal is delivered with the utmost care. If you’d feel more comfortable sending in food for your child then we encourage you to do so. We want you to make the best choice for your child regarding their health.

Afternoon Snack

At the end of a long day, everyone looks forward to a treat! That’s why we always provide an afternoon snack and drink for all of our campers. On any given day, you might find us serving up Philadelphia Pretzels with an assortment of juice or a few different flavors of Water Ice for everyone to enjoy. Each snack is dependent upon the day. If it’s been a HOT day then you can bet we’ll be having sliced watermelon, ice pops, or even ice cream! No matter the circumstances, we have our camper’s best interest at heart.