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Whether in the corporate world or school, you are part of a team. Building meaningful experiences that strengthen the bonds between your team create a lasting impact.

Our dedicated staff of certified leaders run a highly engaging outdoor team building program.

A Customized Day For All Your Needs

On your team building day, your group will rotate through our low ropes course, participating in engaging activities that will make your group think outside of the box. This helps them learn about their teammates strengths, weaknesses and problem solving skills, to bring out the best in every member of your group. 

The design of our course allows for variation. Therefore, we can tailor the day to meet your group’s specific needs whether that be personal challenges or team challenges. Better yet, a combination of both! For those groups who are more daring, you might want to look into our high rope elements, i.e. our Climbing Wall and Zip Line.

*For participants aged 7 & up. 


Team Building That Brings Your Students Together

Are you interested in cultivating stronger, more cohesive teams among your students, both inside and outside the classroom? Would you like your next field trip to leave a lasting impression on your students? If so, dive into the details of our engaging and impactful team-building program at Camp America Day Camp. Envision the positive transformations your students could undergo this school year by actively participating in new leadership roles, gaining a better understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses, and fostering improved communication skills. Anticipate significant progress, as our program is not just a day of fun but a strategic tool designed to reshape how students engage with peers and educators. Refined over years, our program strikes the perfect balance between enjoyment and educational value, offering a challenging yet budget-friendly team-building experience outside the conventional school environment.


Enhance Your Team’s Competitive Edge

If you’ve ever emphasized the importance of improved communication to your team, you understand the challenge of conveying this message effectively. It’s not merely about urging your team to collaborate; it’s about making it a necessity. Without cohesive communication, it can feel as though your players are competing against themselves rather than their opponents. However, instilling this message requires more than a few repetitions; it needs to be comprehended, embraced, and become second nature. Your athletes may recognize the need for better communication, but knowing it and executing it are distinct challenges.

Innovative Team Building Solutions

We’ve discovered that the most effective way to impart this skill is by immersing teams in new environments where collaboration becomes imperative for success. Rest assured, we’ll guide them through the process. Having assisted numerous teams in the past, we specialize in improving communication dynamics, and we can certainly do the same for your group. Amidst our diverse activities, we’ll even challenge your team to communicate non-verbally because, as with leadership, effective communication extends beyond vocal dominance. The insights gained during our sessions will profoundly impact how they connect both on and off the field.

Trust fall.


Give your teachers a rejuvenation!

Embark on an enriching teacher inservice team building program! Engage in thought-provoking workshops designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills, ensuring a cohesive and supportive teaching environment. Amidst this enlightening experience, relish a delightful BBQ lunch, fostering connections over shared moments. Embrace free time to unwind, encouraging camaraderie and personal connections among educators. Our comprehensive program aims to rejuvenate spirits, fortify teamwork, and equip teachers with the tools for a successful academic year. Join us for a day filled with inspiration, laughter, and the forging of lasting bonds among your dedicated teaching community.


Helping Your Team Perform Better

Regardless of your industry, it is crucial to have team members aligned towards common goals since everyone is collectively striving for success. However, there is a big difference between a team that merely “works together” and one that genuinely collaborates effectively. Achieving the latter necessitates team members who actively engage in deep listening to one another’s ideas. This is not only the ethically right approach but also the catalyst for generating novel ideas to enhance your business. This is precisely what our team-building initiatives focus on.

Proximity to Outdoor Programming

We firmly believe that the most effective way to learn is through practical application rather than sitting through PowerPoint presentations on “the benefits of teamwork.” We take your team outdoors, exposing them to an exciting environment that facilitates openness in ways unattainable while confined to chairs. Stepping outside the conventional workspace encourages more creative and lateral thinking—hence the widespread endorsement of walking meetings. Our team-building activities are deliberately structured to directly enhance your team’s functioning within the office. Following each activity, we engage in discussions about the necessary steps for your team to successfully navigate the challenges and how that elevated level of thinking can be seamlessly applied to your work environment.

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