The CA Experience

You want your child to have an AMAZING summer and, after a full school year, they truly deserve a break from those endless piles of homework. But you also want to be 100% certain that your child is going to feel comfortable and welcomed into a camp community that respects and supports one another. *THIS is critical because as nice as s’mores and sing-alongs are- they’re not what make a camp special.* (Nor is it “all about the amenities” like some camps would like you to believe.) What makes a camp successful is when your child is able to confidently and fearlessly explore their limits and surroundings.
That magic happens when a camp puts all of its energy into building a culture of inclusiveness- which is why we like to point out that children do more than “go” to camp, they become a part of a camp family. Because then your child will be open to trying rock climbing, dancing, or anything new even though they “don’t think they’ll be good at”. Taking that leap is how children tap into their full potential and discover what it means to be courageous. All great camps understand this: That it’s not about how you perform; it’s about what you learn from the process. Coupling this with new friendships is why so many campers have this warm and fuzzy feeling when you mention the words “summer camp”. It’s also why so many campers can’t wait to come back next summer. And no, your child doesn’t need to travel several hours from home to experience this- they can stay right here in our little corner of Bucks County. You can welcome them home at the end of each day and notice, quite visibly, that they’re walking taller.
If that’s what you want for your child, then come visit us soon.
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Feel the love as we say good bye to summer.