In September and October 2016 Camp America hosted 12 schools over a period of 27 days and worked with approximately 2,583 students ages 12 – 15 years old.     The students are placed into groups (14-19 students) organized by their teachers.  The students traveled in their groups from element to element and had to successfully accomplish each task.  During the activities the students would be challenged mentally and/or physically.  Some challenges were for the whole group and some (like the rock wall) were an individual challenge.  The idea behind the team  building day is that the students develop an understanding of one another.  They learn how to be  leaders and when it is okay to step up and when it is time to take a step back.


We have had amazing feedback from the students this season.  One student from Sandy Run Middle School in Dresher, PA said, “I learned that to be a trustworthy friend you have to be honest.”  Another student said, “Everybody talked to each other and created new friendships.” Students from Erdenheim Elementary School in Springfield, PA said, “I learned that everyone’s ideas should be considered.”  Another student said, “Today I learned that communication is a big part of teamwork.”  One student said, “Something that I learned about myself today is that I am very brave!”  Another said, “I learned that I was capable of things I didn’t know I was capable of.”

Hearing the feedback from the students validates everything that we do at Camp America Day Camp.   We are here to teach children to work together, to respect one another and to find inner strength that they may not know they have.

If you or someone you know may be interested in a team building event we encourage you to contact us today at (215)822-6313.