Practice what you preach…

At Camp America Day Camp, in Chalfont, PA, we provide a one of a kind team building experience for students and corporations alike.  We believe that in order for our team building staff to be the best that they can be, we need to provide them with opportunities for team building staff development.  This year we decided to take our team building staff to Hellerick’s Family Farm located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Hellerick’s Family Farm recently built an Aerial Adventure Park which has 4 different courses ranging in height from 10 to 30 feet. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to really challenge our staff and help their bond continue to grow.

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Team Building Staff Development

The Camp America Team Building Program helps groups of students and adults have a meaningful experience that strengthen the bonds between them that create a lasting impact.  Our highly engaging outdoor program is unlike any other because our facilitators have a special bond.  Every day during our team building season (both Fall and Spring) our staff come together for breakfast and discuss how we are feeling, how our evenings were the day before, relationships, kids, you name it.  This allows us to truly understand one another and work through any issues that are consuming our thoughts before we run our program.  The connection between our staff allows us to provide a cohesive program in which we can maximize the potential of our participants.  In having trust in others it allows one to go past their comfort zone and reach their highest level of their growth mindset at that time in their life.

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