School Trips

Team Building That Brings Your Students Together

Would you like your students to form stronger, more solid teams inside and outside of the classroom? Do you want your next field trip to WOW your students?

Then you’ll want to learn more about our fun and effective team building program at Camp America Day Camp.

Imagine the positive strides your students could make this school year if they…

  • Actively engaged in new leadership roles
  • Had a better sense of their individual strengths.
  • Listened to each other more.

You could expect your students to make BIG gains.


Lessons That Translates To The Classroom

Our program has the potential to become one of the most powerful tools in your teaching arsenal because we don’t just provide students with a fun day off. We expose your students to a set of team building exercises that have been proven to dramatically transform the way they interact with their classmates and teachers. And after years of fine tuning our program we know it’s just the right mix of fun and learning for your students. Our team building will be a challenging experience for your students outside of their normal school setting that also keeps you and your principal safely within tight budgetary constraints.

If you’re interested in what we can offer your students, contact us!