Our Programs & Activities

At Camp America, we want every day to be full of fun and exciting new challenges. Our program encourages this by offering a well-rounded schedule for each camper. Your child will be able to try many different types of activities because we believe that growth and learning are critical to developing a strong foundation of self-confidence. On a typical day, you might hear about how your child learned to find their balance on the gymnastics beam and then 30 minutes later they were trying to find their balance doing freestyle in the pool. Campers participate in these activities as a bunk because there’s no better feeling than when your fellow campers cheer you on. Our bunk-centered approach not only helps foster positive group dynamics, but it also helps campers understand that everyone has their own unique strengths and abilities.

Camp Grows With You

As your child grows and develops so do the activities and programming that we offer. One way that we do this is by offering older campers a choice of elective periods, called Majors and Minors, which change on a bi-weekly basis. Of course, we couldn’t offer all of these options without an excellent staff. Where specialists know how to break a skill down into its component parts for different styles of learners and bunk counselors call parents just to check in and see how things are going.

Camp Activities

The Athletics Program:

  • 2 Full Size Soccer fields
  • Indoor Soccer pavilion
  • Full size basketball court with two half court areas
  • 6 tennis courts and 2 practice courts
  • Professionally installed softball fields ( full size & small size)
  • 2 Grass softball fields
  • Beach Volleyball court
  • 4 Volleyball & Newcombe Courts
  • Indoor street hockey pavilion
  • 2 Covered GaGa Courts

Our extensive athletics program provides a rich experience for children with all different backgrounds and attitudes toward athletic activities. Campers are encouraged to participate in various activities whether they are experienced in the sport or just starting out so they can discover what they enjoy most from tennis, mini golf, gaga, basketball and hockey to kickball, softball, soccer, newcombe and volleyball. We find creative ways to make sure that every camper is comfortable with participating in various ways in athletic activities and provide opportunities for leadership, organization, and score keeping. There are also optional activities such as speed training and basketball clinic. Children learn new skills, teamwork, and sports rules while having a great time playing, competing and laughing.

The Challenge & Team Building Program:

  • 35ft multi sided rock climbing wall
  • Cargo Net
  • Vertical Playpen
  • Aerial Adventure Course for children ages 9 and up
  • Dual and Singular Zip lines
  • American Ninja Warrior Course
  • 6 Element Low Ropes Course
  • Low Ropes Challenge Circuit & Zip Line for children ages 5 – 9

At Challenge, we offer a wide array of climbing elements which are designed to push our campers both mentally and physically. For campers ages 5 to 7, we offer low elements as well as other team-building activities where the entire bunk works together as a single unit. For campers ages 8 through 15, we offer more challenging high elements. For these high elements and others, the difficulty progresses from week to week. While climbing on such elements, campers are harnessed in and belayed by our highly qualified challenge staff. Whether climbing the rock wall tower, zipping across the lake, or reaching the top of the vertical playpen, our campers are constantly engaged and encouraged to do their best. Challenge is a perennial favorite with all campers and staff year after year.

The Camp America Swim Program:

  • 3 solar power heated pools ranging in 3ft-10ft in depth
  • A brand new zero-entry to 10ft luxury pool opening in 2023!
  • 2 water slides
  • Diving Board

Here at Camp America we take great pride in our swimming program. We don’t just “teach your kids to swim” – we teach them everything they need to know to be successful in the water. Every camper’s schedule includes both an instructional swim period and a recreational swim period daily Our Red Cross certified swim instructors and lifeguards will guide and challenge swimmers of every ability as they advance their strokes and skills each day.

Within a supportive environment, campers of all abilities are challenged to improve. Campers are split into small teaching groups with campers their age who are working on the same skills. Instructors stay with the same group every day, and ratios are typically 1:5 or better for our early learners and slightly larger for campers as they advance. Every summer the majority of Camp America campers pass the deep water test to use our diving board and water slides.

Camp Americas swim program is built around skill progression and levels of the American Red Cross “learn to swim” program. This program works well because each level is subdivided into levels that have attainable short-term goals, and reward steady growth for those who are slow learners and quick growth for those who advance faster. We issue progress cards midway thru the summer and at the end of the summer.

The Creative Arts Program:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Pottery & Ceramics
  • Glass Fusion
  • Fully-Equipped Wood Shop

Within each creative arts focus area listed above each camper has the opportunity to create and design different age specific projects. Campers take upon an 8 week project where they have different tasks they have to complete each week in order to be finished and ready to take home by week 8. Major and minor electives gives those campers with an extra interest in this area the ability to create projects with a higher level of difficulty where they will be taught different skills. We provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere where each child’s creativity can shine.

The Performing Arts Program:

  • Pavilion and Stage for camp shows and dances
  • Puppets
  • Air Conditioned Dance Studio
  • Drama
  • Gymnastics

Campers in the Performing Arts program learn essential skills for the stage or screen. Working in groups, improvisation and creative activities help young performers learn to bring their characters to life. Campers are also exposed to performance concepts such as dialogue, blocking and more. The summer concludes with the Camp America Show, in which performers get to showcase their talent.

Another part of this program is Gymnastics, at gymnastics our goal is to teach our campers basic gymnastics skills in a fun and safe environment. We teach basic gymnastics skills and play games that help the campers improve their balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. Campers also have the ability to choose these areas as their electives resulting in more in depth skills and training.

The Traditional Camp Program:

  • Cooking
  • Fantasy Zone ( Indoor Ball Pit, Tunnels, Slides, and Play Areas)
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • Ponies – learn to ride basics
  • Go-Karts
  • Bikes, Big Wheels, and “Razor” Scooters
  • Nature and Science
  • Mini Golf
  • Video Gaming Lounge
  • Archery (Undefeated Archery Team)
  • Lake which facilitates kayaking, pedal boats & fishing

At Camp America we are proud of our traditional camp activities, most of these are what we originally built camp upon all those years ago. From Go Karts to Cooking and everything in between these activities give campers the chance to try things they may not normally have the opportunity to. Each activity has age specific equipment, projects and games to ensure that there is always something new going on.