Meet the Directors

June & Steven Mitchell, Norma Levin

If you’re new to the camp family, you might be surprised to hear us pick up the phone at 7am during the summer. Most owners have other staff that will be in the office that early.

You’d probably be even more surprised to learn that we’re still around at 7pm cleaning up from the fun of the day.

We don’t think anything of it because we know it’s the little things we do that set us apart. That’s why we’re the first ones into camp each morning and the last ones out each night.

We believe that you can get quite far in business just by being considerate.

So we’re here for you and your child in every way possible. We arrive early each morning not just to answer the phones but also to keep our early-care campers company.

Again, making a difference in our campers’ lives is as easy as greeting them in the morning and keeping them company before they’re friends arrive.

It’s these small moments that make all the different in the world to a camper.

We treat each camper like we’d want our own children to be treated. We not only take the time to get to know their name but their unique story as well.

We love getting to know what activities they enjoy at camp, who their friends are in their bunk, and if they have a favorite snack.

This is how we’ve been running camp for the past 50 years and its how we’re going to continue to run it for another 50.

Camp may seem to change from year to year but we will always uphold this sense of connection and community as our most important values.

If you’d like to learn more about us, give us a call (215) 822-6313