Division 4 — CIT Program

(13-15 years)

Counselor In Training

As the name suggests, this program is a transitional period where CITs begin to take on new leadership roles within camp.

Half the time they have a normal camp day with their bunk mates and the other half of the day they are apprenticing with different counselors around camp.

Both the boys and girls CITs have their own Senior Counselor who are carefully chosen because of their ability to help guide CITs along their leadership journey.

It’s a natural progression for CITs as they get to experience a whole different side of camp than they are used to. They get to pair up with specialists, bunk counselors, or both.

In these new roles, CITs gain valuable insights into their own preferred styles of leaderships. It’s amazing to watch them grow and exhibit a maturity that needs to be seen to be believed.

There’s no doubt that these lessons take time to learn -which is why our CIT program is three years long- but the results speak for themselves.

By the end of a summer, CITs take it to heart that the best way to lead is to deeply care for the well-being of others.

Of course, we help facilitate this process by pairing CITs with counselors they both get along with and look up to- it’s a dynamic and effective combo.

Rewarding Trips

As CITs take on more responsibilities within camp we think it’s only fair to reward them with a few special trips. These events include:

  • 3 Day, 2 Night trip to Club Getaway
  • Full-day in Dorney Park
  • Tubing
  • Day trip to the shore

At the end of season, we even have a special brunch and ceremony to honor the commitment of our 3rd year CITs.

What’s more, we’re happy to welcome back almost all our 3rd year CITs as staff members the following summer.