Division 3 — Senior Camp

(9-12 years old)

As senior campers, your child has more perks and privileges to look forward to. Each activity has something new to offer your campers. Their creative projects take on a new sophistication as campers experiment with various media including glazed and fired clay in the ceramic studio. We have opportunities for campers to compete in Inter-Camp games as members of our Swim Team, Gymnastics Team, and Archery Team. And we can’t neglect to mention that campers now also have the privilege of driving the Go-Karts around our paved racetrack. Even Division III Leagues are a step up. Boys get to play as teams in soccer, basketball, and hockey while girls participate in Newcomb Leagues (a variation on volleyball) each week. But the one privilege that every camper can’t wait to experience is… the Overnighter. During the summer, boys and girls have their own night where they sleepover at camp and do all the traditional activities you’d expect: gather around a camp fire, eat s’mores, sleep under the stars, and lot’s more.

Major Electives

Campers get to choose a Major that they will spend two full periods at three times a week. This is a time for campers to deepen their focus and concentrate their efforts on learning the subtleties of a sport, art, or craft. Most importantly, campers discover an attitude and willingness to preserver despite any initial shortcomings they have with an activity. Majors change every two weeks because we want your child to experience this type of focus and learning with as many activities as possible.

How Groups Are Structured

Similar to Division II, bunks are limited to groups of 16 boys or girls so our campers can get the most out of each activity at camp. Each bunk has one Senior Counselor and Junior Counselor that goes around to each activity with their campers.