Division 2 — Junior Camp

(6-8 years old)

This is an exciting age for campers because they have more opportunities to explore camp and learn new skills.

More specifically, your child will be physically challenged to…

  • Climb on our low ropes course and newly constructed Rock Wall.
  • Learn how to swim smoothly under the instruction of our Red Cross certified lifeguards.
  • Work with their hands and construct basic projects in Wood Shop.

No matter the activity, our aim is to help campers stretch themselves and reach new heights (quite literally) in as many different ways as possible. To add to this, campers participate in our Division II Kickball League. Teams are made up of a mix of campers under the guidance of one Senior Counselor, coach. What’s important about Kickball League is that campers are encouraged to work together with a new set of peers. This helps them develop a greater understanding of team-work as well as the value in good sportsmanship.


Minors are elective activities that campers get to choose from and explore in greater depth. For example, if a camper chooses Archery then they will have one period a day where they are dedicating time to honing this skill. Campers rotate through different electives throughout the summer so they aren’t committed to just one Minor for the entire summer. In fact, we love it when campers spread their wings and find an activity they can practice even outside of camp.

How Groups Are Structured

Bunks are now sorted according to a camper’s age, gender, and social preferences (we want school friends to remain together even if they’re not technically in the same age group). As staff, we have one Senior Counselor and Junior Counselor who will go around to each activity with our campers. We specifically limit each bunk to a maximum of 16 boys or girls so our campers can get the most out of each activity at camp.