Division 1 — Pre-School Camp

Our Pre-School bunk house underwent a complete renovation in 2017, which included the installation of a brand new air conditioning system! Our youngest campers will definitely be beating the heat!

(2 ½ – 5 years)

Despite their age and size, our youngest campers experience all the same activities as any other group here at camp- of course, we have to make a few substitutions like tricycles for Go-Karts.

We’re always delighted to discover that many of our youngest campers are also some of our most energetic and enthusiastic. Not many campers can keep up with them when they start dancing and singing at Junior Drama.

In a typical day, you can expect your pre-school camper to…

-Create art projects

-Somersault on the gymnastic mats

-Make delicious treats at cooking

-Play age-appropriate versions of kickball, soccer, or tennis.

You’ll also love that we offer a swim program that allows your child to become comfortable in and around the water. This allows your child to be safe around pools and it also builds a foundation for learning the basics of swimming.

We’ve never seen bigger smiles then when these youngsters jump off the diving board at camp for their first time and swim (ok, doggy paddle) to the side of the pool. It’s a big accomplishment and one of those moments you’ll want to see again and again.

How Groups Are Structured

These groups of enthusiastic campers are split into bunks based upon their age and capabilities (bunks are coed at this point). They also have the option of coming to camp for a half-day or full-day.

As staff, we choose nurturing senior counselors who are lovingly referred to as the “Midgie Moms” because they’re both mothers at camp and at home. In addition to a Midge Mom, each group is also assigned two junior counselors.

We keep these group sizes smaller than other age groups at camp so we can deliver your child the best possible, age-appropriate care.

Our Pre-School campers even have their own appropriately sized air-conditioned facilities and restrooms because the little details are important to us.